Inside Look at the Barndominium…

A few weeks ago Mr. Wright and I were invited to join a group of friends on a trip to Waco, Tx.  They had decided to go to attend Silobration at Magnolia Market and rented out the infamous Barndominium from Season 3 of Fixer Upper.   While Mr. Wright and I have seen a few episodes of Fixer Upper,  we have yet to catch the bug.

We drove up on a Saturday morning and met everyone at Silos for a little shopping.  My favorite vendor was Summer Ellis.  Her jewelry is elegant and classic.  I purchased the Enkel Earrings.   Every one should have a pair of these earrings they are simply beautiful.

Next we met up for lunch and then headed out to the Barndominium.  Here is an inside look at the place.

Barndominium Tour

Front View
Front View

My favorite design elements of the barndominium are front steps, sliding barn doors, and warehouse style entry.  I want doors like this for our back patio.  Mr. Wright is worried about security.  I pointed out the sliding barn doors on this place and he said he would consider it.   I think I can convince him. 

Front Entry
Front Entry

Below is the picture of the long family dinner table.  I love this idea and hope I have a similar space for large dinners and gatherings in my dream home.  However, the location of this space just seemed a little misplaced for how Mr. Wright and I operate.  We had dinner as a group on the last night and it was difficult to bring everything downstairs from the kitchen to eat and then haul it back up.   As you can see from the picture the design and decor has pretty much stayed the same from the show.   In fact, most of the items still had price tags.

Family Gathering
Family Gathering

Here is a picture of the downstairs half bathroom.  There are 3 bedrooms downstairs and they all share this one bathroom.  Only one of those bedrooms is actually attached to the bathroom and that bedroom is the room with a twin bed and lego wall from the show.  I forgot to take a picture of the upstairs bathroom, but this was the nicer of the two.

Half Bathroom
Half Bathroom
Upstairs Living
Upstairs Living


Final Thoughts

All in all, we had a great time with friends and Barndominium was visually stunning.  For me the biggest win of the weekend was they used the ceiling fans that I had been trying to convince Mr. Wright to put in our urban farmhouse renovation.  We have the same fans in the house in Dallas.  I wanted to order them in black, but he wanted to see the color in person first.   This trip was definitely a success if only for that reason.

Things I loved about the place:

  • Slept a lot of people
  • Secluded, but close to town
  • Amazing view of the sunset
  • Beautiful morning lake view

Areas I would enhance or reconsider:

  • Better outdoor entertainment area/porch
  • More bathrooms  (only 1.5 bathrooms)
  • Larger kitchen
  • Cost per night was up there

Hope you all enjoyed this mini tour of the Barndominium.

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