All Things New – DIY House Renovation


In our DIY House renovation first thing we decided to tackle on the house is a new fence and from the pictures below I believe you can see why.

DIY House Renovation

We didn’t have any privacy, the chainlink was falling apart, and with the squirrels I thought for sure my dogs would jump the fence to chase them.   The one advantage of the current fence  was that it let the breeze through from the vacant lot in the back.  However, we knew that lot was not going to be vacant for long, so we moved past they idea of keeping the breeze quickly and I set to work designing the new fence.

At our house in Dallas, we have an 8 foot slat on slat vertical fence which my husband and I both loved.  However,  I decided I wanted a more contemporary fence that would have great curb appeal and presence for our little house.  That is when I came across this great fence designed by Cassie at Hi Sugarplum.  I was in love.  It is the mix our Dallas house fence and the contemporary design I was looking for.   Using her configuration she discusses on her blog as a baseline, I modified the design to work for our needs and set off to find someone to build it.

Fence Design Configuration

  • 1X6 cedar boards
  • Posts set 6 feet apart
  • 8 feet tall
  • 1X6 cedar trim piece to cover seams
  • Metal post with with cedar covers
  • 2X12 rot board
  • Contemporary hardware

Next up the removal and installation of the new fence.

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