Impossible Projects and My Love

Impossible Projects
Photo by Jeremy Minnerick

Since I haven’t finished the about me page, I thought I would take a moment to provide some background about me and this blog.  I love my career and I am very driven.  This is not news to my friends and family.  I have an unending passion for tackling impossible projects, projects that no one would touch with a ten foot pole.  These projects demonstrate my strengths and occasionally lay bear my weaknesses.  These impossible projects, to me, are more about the journey of learning and self discovery then the outcome.  They are also about the people you meet along the journey.  One of those people once said “the universe puts the right people in your path when you are trying to do what is right.”

For a little over a year, I have been working on a project in Houston.  This project, by far, has been the most difficult project I have tackled in my 10 year career.   However, I have also seen  the most growth, professionally and personally.  When I look back over the past 10 years, there have been multiple impossible projects that were preparing me for my current project.  That is were this blog comes in,  Ledger & Ladder.   According to Webster’s dictionary the definitions of those 2 words are:

  • Ledger  – a book containing accounts to which debits and credits are posted from books of original entry.
  • Ladder – a series of steps or stages by which someone moves up to a higher or better position.

Ledger and Ladder is my book blog containing the accounts of my successes, failures, and the various stages that I encounter in my pursuit of impossible projects.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband, Mr. Wright, who encourages me to pursue my dreams.  He is my biggest advocate and jumps in with both feet after asking only a few million questions.  He is not much different than me when it comes to tackling impossible projects.  Quite frankly, he has taken on the most impossible project…ME!

Impossible Projects
Photograph by Jeremy Minnerick

Join me on the journey as I tackle being a female climbing the corporate ladder,  home renovation, and the art of impossible projects.


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