Let’s Talk About My Fans…Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern Ceiling Fan
The Modern Fan Company – Lapa Fan

…sadly I don’t mean the fans of this blog. If we talked about those fans it would be Mama  Wright and Mr. Wright. The list isn’t long…yet.  What I really want to talk about is modern ceiling fans.  As you might recall from my post about The Barndominium, Mr. Wright finally agreed to purchase all black ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans, in my opinion, are a necessary evil in Texas.  Most of the fans at your typical big box stores are designed for function over form.   Thankfully, when I went to look into new fans for our current renovation, to my surprise, I found several great options available.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern Ceiling Fans
Peregrine Industrial Ceiling Fan
Modern Ceiling Fans
The Modern Fan Company – Lapa Fan


Modern Ceiling Fans
Zonix 3 Blade Ceiling Fan


When we moved into our Dallas house it was equipped with the Lapa Fan by the Modern Fan Company.  We fell in love with these fans for the following reasons:


  • Quiet
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Remote Controlled
  • Relatively Easy to Install
  • Multi-Speed Fan Control
  • Dimmable Light Fixture
  • Highly Customizable


  • Custom Order through Authorized Dealers
  • Does not take Medium (E26) Standard Light Bulb Base
  • More Expensive Than Typical Ceiling Fans

For us, the advantages far outweighed the costs and we ordered three black Lapa fans for our Urban Farmhouse.  I cannot wait to show you the installation of all of our new modern ceiling fans.  For now, here is a tease of what the style of fan we currently have installed in the house.

Modern Ceiling Fans



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