DIY Christmas Decoration: Garland

With what seemed like the rest of the world, we went and purchased our Christmas tree this past weekend.  We typically try to shop local, but the local shop’s prices were really high and they came with a tree stand.   We did not need another tree stand, since we had purchased one last year.  Reluctantly, we headed over to Lowe’s to check out their selection of Christmas trees and happily they did not disappoint.  In addition to having a great selection of trees, they will trim the bottom of the tree you choose.  This is where my DIY Christmas decoration took shape.

The individual in front of us had several large branches removed from their tree and they were thrown into large pile of discarded branches.  When it was our turn I asked if I could keep the branches he cut from our tree and he politely gave me the option to also take any others from the discard pile.  Of course, I grabbed as many as I could and quickly began to think about how I would use them for Christmas decoration.  Here is what transpired when I got everything home and started working.

DIY Christmas Decoration - Garland

This what the branches looked like when I brought them home from Home Depot.

DIY Christmas Decoration - Garland

Using some utility wire my husband had on hand and, for the final touch, these amazing solar powered twinkle lights from Amazon.  I turned the pile of discarded branches into this beautiful creation.

DIY Christmas Decoration - Garland

We might not have much external decoration for Christmas, but my DIY Christmas Decoration is the perfect touch.  Yes, that is Mr. Wright peeking through the mail slot in the door.


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