Design: Nursery Mood Board

Nursery Nook Mood Board

I am back from a small hiatus although it feels like forever.  If you missed the announcement Mr. Wright and I are expecting a little girl June 2018.  I found out shortly after I wrote Girlboss.  Which is comical in the fact that this pregnancy has kicked my butt.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  I went from going non-stop from the moment I woke up to barely being able to pull myself out bed due to morning sickness and headaches.  The headaches, my gosh, they were awful.  To all you mothers out there, kudos to you, incubation is hard work.  I have made it to the 2nd trimester and I am doing better, so I have been able to shift my focus to more fun aspects of having a baby, nursery design.

Nursery Location/Size

Let me first start out by talking about the nursery location.  This played a huge roll in our nursery design considerations.  Mr. Wright and I have a 2 bedroom house and we don’t have any immediate family that live nearby, so we decided it best not to give up our 2nd bedroom as we know we will have a lot of family visiting us after she arrives.  Therefore, her nursery will be in the master bedroom.  We have a nook in the bedroom that was to become our new master closet, but surprise, it will now be her nursery nook.  Mr. Wright calls it The Baby Closet.  It is approximately 44 inches deep and 101 inches wide.  Basically, it is 3.5 ft x 8.5 ft, not large, but really how much space does a baby really need?  Here is a picture of the space so you can get the idea of what we are working with in regards to the size for the nursery design.

Nursery Theme

I know this isn’t going to be popular opinion, but I just don’t get themed nurseries.  Therefore, we are not going with a theme for the nursery design unless you consider girly, but not too girly, a theme.  That is Mr. Wright’s one requirement.   We are aiming for style consistency and function since her room will be an extension of the master bedroom.  The master bedroom colors are grey and emerald green.  The color we are carrying from the master bedroom to the nursery design is grey and we are then complimenting the emerald green with a blush pink in the nursery.  This is probably the point the where I should show you picture of the master bedroom.  Unfortunately, it is no shape to be seen at the moment.  Did I mentioned that I have been down for the count due to growing a baby?   Instead, lets look at some beautiful grey and emerald bedrooms out there that we can drool over.

Nursery Nook Design


Nursery Nook Design

If only I could keep my house, no my bedroom, as clean and tidy as those beautiful pictures.  I don’t want to get to ambitious wanting the whole house to stay clean.  Internet pictures always look like a beautiful mess.



Nursery Design Mood Board

As stated, the location and size drove many of the nursery design choices as we wanted the style to remain consistent with master bedroom and make the small space functional for all of us…but still feel like a little girl’s nursery.  Simple, right?   Ha.  I wish, but I am always up for a challenge.

For the nursery design, we started with this vintage dresser we purchased off a Facebook garage sale for $150.  We knew this would hold her clothes and play double duty as a changing station.  This changing basket it is both beautiful and functional and will sit on top of the vintage dresser.

As for her bed, when we measured off the space we realized we would not be able to fit a full size crib without it looking very cramped.  I started looking for smaller cribs and geez they come with hefty price tags.  Did I mention Mr. Wright is going back to school to become a pilot?  Anyway, I found a picture of a hanging bassinet, but could not figure out where to purchase said bassinet.  Of course, my sister, when I showed her the picture, found a similar hanging cradle from Hang A Hammock Collective in about 5 minutes.  For me it was love at first sight.  It took some time to convince Mr. Wright it was this was the perfect option.  I am still not sure he is fully convinced, but he is rolling with it.

The curtains are from Ikea and are my favorite go-to curtains.  These curtains are linen, affordable, and you can use drapery hooks to make pleats for a polished finish.

We also wanted to bring in some modern/abstract pieces to balance the vintage and that’s where the watercolor printmobile, and swaddle blankets come into play.  What do you all think about the mood board and overall inspiration for the nursery design?

Nursery Design

Mobile | Swaddle Blankets | Curtains

DIY Shelves* | Watercolor Print | Blankets | Cradle

Changing Basket | Vintage Dresser | Vintage Rug

We are excited to start putting her nursery together and even more excited for her arrival.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peak of the beginning of the install with the beautiful cradle yesterday.  It really is a stunning piece and is the show stopper of the nursery.  Well, that is of course until she arrives.

*  I love these shelves, but I could not find the original creator to give them proper credit.  If any of you know the creator, please let me know, so I give credit where credit is due.

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